Includes 2 x 4 different styles of Telecom lifting keys


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A quality British construction using high-quality steel with a stainless steel reinforcing bar for maximum strength – 2 tons of lift 800kg SWL. It is supplied with tough durable nylon wheels.

 Supplied with 2 x 4 Telecom style lifter keys. The keys will operate the 4 main Telecom drain covers. These include:

Single piece sewer covers, split double triangular covers, brick paving covers plus many other styles.

Used to lift Elkington type manhole covers

Used to lift unit type drain lid covers

Used to lift triangular covers and also older style manhole covers 

Used to lift old style manhole covers

By using this lifter, it will help to avoid damage to the drain covers which may have occurred when using the old traditional ways of lifting the drain cover.

It also offers protection to those working on the drains and eradicates the injuries experienced when using the old methods of lifting drain covers. The lifter has the approval of Health and Safety.

The lifter has a safe working load of 800kgs and will deal with lifting up to 99% of manhole drain covers. The hydraulic power lift system applies up to 800kg of pressure. 

The lifter can be easily folded down for storage and then quickly assembled on-site.

As it is a one-man operation, it requires minimum effort. The cover can be easily removed and then wheeled to a designated area while work is being carried out on the drain.


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Additional Accessory

The Spreader Bar supplied as a pair is available as an optional extra that will allow the drain cover lifter to deal with the unusually larger drain covers.

The bars have a drain seal breaker facility. Useful on stubborn covers that have not moved for some time.


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WARNING. The drain lifter is designed to lift and move the drain cover. It should not be used to force the lifting of stubborn or corroded covers. These will need to be loosened before attempting any lifting. To ignore this advice, you will run the risk of damaging the manhole drain cover lifter.